Thursday, March 29, 2012

Curry Crab Appetizers

I really like mild curries, but Mr. Spice does not, so I rarely prepare any. I searched for a recipe that didn’t include a curry-based sauce, and found one on my favorite home organizing/cleaning site.

I went to two different grocery stores looking for the tube of butterflake rolls, and ended up with a tube of 8 large ones instead of the 12 smaller ones called for in the recipe. Needless to say, I ended up with fewer larger appetizers, which tasted great but looked too huge to be appetizers. I went online and was unable to find brands sold in stores near me selling tubes of more but smaller biscuits. I think they would look really cute in the original size, so I may try and cut the large biscuits next time. Or try the sheets of dough and cut smaller circles. I will also admit that I was not able to separate the rolls into 3 layers, just 2 so they are thicker than the recommended size!

Anyway, assembling the topping was quick and easy. Of the three taste testers, only one was able to guess the spice, it was nice and mild. Mr. Spice thought they were great, and had no idea that curry was involved. If I made these bites for a crowd that enjoyed curry, I’d double the amount used. One taste tester suggested that I could garnish future versions with an olive or small pieces of roasted red pepper for visual appeal. I used a plate with positive words on it because the Flylady website is all about encouraging people.
What is your favorite curry dish?

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