Sunday, April 28, 2013

Card #6, envelope from scratch

Some crafters may be able to “eyeball” the material needed to create an envelope, but I prefer the structure of a template, especially when the envelope is accompanied by a paper liner. I have plenty of scrapbooking paper of good weight (no rules for me about cardstock), and I traced the shape of the envelope onto the back of the paper. 
Someone with four paws has absconded with my favorite eraser, so I traced lightly and then covered the pencil marks out of sight as the envelope was folded and glued.
I repurposed a bag received during a store purchase by tearing along the seams and tracing the envelope liner template on the back side of the paper bag. I realize that the papers don’t match in any way, but this was a fun card for a cheerful person. 

The typical “tape runner” worked well to adhere the envelope flaps and the liner. It didn’t work as well to seal the final envelope flap, so I used stickers and washi tape to ensure that the envelope wouldn’t pop open in the mail (forgot to photograph that).
The card was cut with a paper trimmer, folded, and decorated with glitter glue and a quote from my favorite poem, found in a magazine. Whew- that was some effort, but with neat results. I’ve already traced more envelopes from a magazine I was about to recycle, but instead tore out the funky pages with lots of photos. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Card #5, vellum and flowers

As promised, I stocked up on supplies at the stationery store, and the credit card did not burst into flames, due to my self control in not buying one of everything there. Two of the purchases were used right away for card 5: a photo holder with elegant brackets, and a set of vellum envelopes. The clerk thought I should use an envelope liner and not have the photo showing through, but I disagreed in this case. An invitation or other letter with words in a vellum envelope would benefit from an envelope liner, but not this one!
I had some pretty 3-D flower stickers that I had been waiting to use, and this was the perfect opportunity: on the back of the card, so it showed through the vellum near the addresses. The sticker tape of photo negatives (anyone remember those?) was on the outside of the envelope.
Stay tuned- next week I’ll be having fun with these envelope templates and envelope liner templates. I learned how to use them in a class I took last year, but at the time thought it would be unlikely that I’d ever make my own envelopes or liners consistently--- I’m not one to hand make 150 holiday cards or event invitation envelopes! 
But this is the right time, as the vellum envelopes were $0.65 each and the high quality plain ones I got in a pretty color were $0.35 each for a smallish envelope. Now I can make a bunch of sizes from any type of paper--- I recently received an envelope that had been made with a page from a magazine!
Have you ever made an envelope from scratch? Any tips?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cards #3 and #4, dream & play

I received two hand-made greeting cards  today, and made two in return with the same pattern (recipients in different states). This is sort of cheating, but not really. I’m working 8 days in a row for my j-o-b coming up so I saw this particular card project as a two-fer here. There will be NO time to be creative or blog without sacrificing sleep, hence the condensed card project du jour.
I tried something new (for me) by repurposing the beautiful cardstock envelope that “real” notecards came in. I cut small rectangles using my handy dandy Creative Memories trimmer, adhered them with a tape runner, and found inspiring words in sticker format. One sticker said “dream”, the other said “play”.
Inside, a thank you stamp was followed by matching script in colored pen (not pictured). The cards I received are in the lower left corner of the photos, along with a stamped envelope - now that's a good idea!
The last project of the day was a large piece of brown paper that I printed with a green rolled stamp, but the ink came out too pale - the contrast wasn’t strong enough. I re-rolled another stamp in a brighter color. My furry friend loves crinkly paper, and test drove the gift wrap--- good thing the recipients have furry friends, too!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Card #2, slow down?

After taking inventory of my paper supplies, I checked out the stamping/decorative items in various drawers, tote bags, and on the craft table. This is only a sample of the many items:
I learned that the small cards and envelopes I started with last week are fine for friends and family, but the 3 5/8 x 5 1/8 size is not as nice of a showcase for notecards to sell. I’m also proud of the “home made” stamp, but would eliminate it from professional cards (others I’ve purchased have a label on the back of the card).

Here is card #2, which I’ve already sent as part of National Letter Writing Month
How nifty is the wood printed scrapbooking paper under the card?
I had waffled about keeping all 52 cards for a year, or sending some of them on their way. Obviously, the decision has been made, though I may keep some that I especially like, or that don’t have the right recipient yet.

Next stop: stationery store for much larger cards and envelopes. I noticed interesting details on two photo cards I purchased last year: the Audubon Sanctuary had embossed detailing around the edge of the card, creating a lovely frame for the photo, and an independent professional used a folded card with a frame cut into the front to mat the photo. Both envelopes had "torn" edges along the flap for texture.