Saturday, April 20, 2013

Card #5, vellum and flowers

As promised, I stocked up on supplies at the stationery store, and the credit card did not burst into flames, due to my self control in not buying one of everything there. Two of the purchases were used right away for card 5: a photo holder with elegant brackets, and a set of vellum envelopes. The clerk thought I should use an envelope liner and not have the photo showing through, but I disagreed in this case. An invitation or other letter with words in a vellum envelope would benefit from an envelope liner, but not this one!
I had some pretty 3-D flower stickers that I had been waiting to use, and this was the perfect opportunity: on the back of the card, so it showed through the vellum near the addresses. The sticker tape of photo negatives (anyone remember those?) was on the outside of the envelope.
Stay tuned- next week I’ll be having fun with these envelope templates and envelope liner templates. I learned how to use them in a class I took last year, but at the time thought it would be unlikely that I’d ever make my own envelopes or liners consistently--- I’m not one to hand make 150 holiday cards or event invitation envelopes! 
But this is the right time, as the vellum envelopes were $0.65 each and the high quality plain ones I got in a pretty color were $0.35 each for a smallish envelope. Now I can make a bunch of sizes from any type of paper--- I recently received an envelope that had been made with a page from a magazine!
Have you ever made an envelope from scratch? Any tips?

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