Saturday, April 6, 2013

Card #2, slow down?

After taking inventory of my paper supplies, I checked out the stamping/decorative items in various drawers, tote bags, and on the craft table. This is only a sample of the many items:
I learned that the small cards and envelopes I started with last week are fine for friends and family, but the 3 5/8 x 5 1/8 size is not as nice of a showcase for notecards to sell. I’m also proud of the “home made” stamp, but would eliminate it from professional cards (others I’ve purchased have a label on the back of the card).

Here is card #2, which I’ve already sent as part of National Letter Writing Month
How nifty is the wood printed scrapbooking paper under the card?
I had waffled about keeping all 52 cards for a year, or sending some of them on their way. Obviously, the decision has been made, though I may keep some that I especially like, or that don’t have the right recipient yet.

Next stop: stationery store for much larger cards and envelopes. I noticed interesting details on two photo cards I purchased last year: the Audubon Sanctuary had embossed detailing around the edge of the card, creating a lovely frame for the photo, and an independent professional used a folded card with a frame cut into the front to mat the photo. Both envelopes had "torn" edges along the flap for texture.

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