Saturday, March 30, 2013

52 week challenge

As much as I’ve had fun “messing around” with different projects for this blog after completing my Through The Spice Rack goal, it’s been more of a task than I anticipated to think of what to blog about. 

I’m grateful for the inspiration provided by other creative types, especially those described in Artful Blogging
I was reading the Spring 2013 magazine issue on my birthday last week, and admired Jenni Horne’s project
What could I do for 52 weeks that would be interesting, result in me learning something new along the way, and hopefully yield something useful both during and at the conclusion of the challenge?

After mulling it over, I decided to create 52 photo greeting cards during the next year, one card per week with original photos, and learn about the business of selling them.
I already have a small supply of envelopes and cards, from those good intentions of being crafty! After taking the inventory photo on a cute sheet of decorative paper from Papyrus, guess who wanted to "help" putting the supplies away?

Here is card #1 on stationery from Stampin’ Up, complete with a “handmade” stamp from Paper Source. I have other envelopes without matching cards, that I’d like to custom create cards for (even bought a tool to fold the crease at an envelope-making class I took!).
I’d like to be brave enough to make a mixed media on photo card, experiment with embossing, and research how to go about starting a small business. I’ve been impressed over the years with the quality of photo cards for sale at craft fairs, and have thought, “maybe I can do that, too.”

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