Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fountain Pens and Inks

I’m glad I challenged myself a year ago to prepare spicier foods each week. Now I’m having fun expanding the scope of blogging and photographing! I’ve always loved fountain pens, and have a small collection now. 
I wish I’d kept the pen I had in my “youth”; the oldest one I have now was bought with Austrian Schillings during my junior year abroad. Mr. Spice likes fountain pens, too, and we’ve amassed too many bottles of different colored inks.
 Sometimes I forget to use the fountain pens, and their ink inserts dry out. Then I actually have a good time hauling out the ink bottles and refilling them all. 
I have favorite shades, and some are very old, but still perfectly good (pop quiz on what year price tags started having Euros instead of this one). 
We got a new camera so I’m going to experiment with different subjects and settings with various types of lenses. These were all taken with a Sony point and shoot that we’ve had for at least five years. 
I messed around with the settings and light levels, and selected my favorite results here. I have a neat collection of colored ink cartridges from Australia, but they're not as interesting to photograph since they are short plastic tubes. They work great in the pen we got in Melbourne with the internal option of bottled ink or a cartridge.
Do you have a favorite pen? Any bottles of ink tucked away? Your optional homework assignment is to find some old pens/inks and write anything with them- a journal entry, pay some bills, a letter or post card...

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