Saturday, March 23, 2013

Taking classes for fun!

It all started during Mr. Spice's deployment, when I tried to stay busy in a constructive way, to keep my mind off worrying (it didn't really work, but was a pleasant distraction).
I’ve taken a bunch of classes during evening hours at local technical schools that have been informative and entertaining, too! I learned how to cut a custom sized mat around a photo or piece of art, and assemble a metal frame around the glass and matted item.
I’d recommend a soap-making class, where the instructor brings all the supplies and students can experiment with fragrances, colors, and add-ins such as sparkle, oatmeal (for exfoliation), and different soap bases.
Cooking class students have sometimes asked why I was taking pictures of the preparation, but thankfully during most classes, we were all whipping out our iphones to take interesting shots of ingredients.
Do you have a high school with evening classes nearby, or an adult learning center or community college? Check it out, learn something new, and have fun along the way.

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