Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cards #3 and #4, dream & play

I received two hand-made greeting cards  today, and made two in return with the same pattern (recipients in different states). This is sort of cheating, but not really. I’m working 8 days in a row for my j-o-b coming up so I saw this particular card project as a two-fer here. There will be NO time to be creative or blog without sacrificing sleep, hence the condensed card project du jour.
I tried something new (for me) by repurposing the beautiful cardstock envelope that “real” notecards came in. I cut small rectangles using my handy dandy Creative Memories trimmer, adhered them with a tape runner, and found inspiring words in sticker format. One sticker said “dream”, the other said “play”.
Inside, a thank you stamp was followed by matching script in colored pen (not pictured). The cards I received are in the lower left corner of the photos, along with a stamped envelope - now that's a good idea!
The last project of the day was a large piece of brown paper that I printed with a green rolled stamp, but the ink came out too pale - the contrast wasn’t strong enough. I re-rolled another stamp in a brighter color. My furry friend loves crinkly paper, and test drove the gift wrap--- good thing the recipients have furry friends, too!

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