Sunday, April 28, 2013

Card #6, envelope from scratch

Some crafters may be able to “eyeball” the material needed to create an envelope, but I prefer the structure of a template, especially when the envelope is accompanied by a paper liner. I have plenty of scrapbooking paper of good weight (no rules for me about cardstock), and I traced the shape of the envelope onto the back of the paper. 
Someone with four paws has absconded with my favorite eraser, so I traced lightly and then covered the pencil marks out of sight as the envelope was folded and glued.
I repurposed a bag received during a store purchase by tearing along the seams and tracing the envelope liner template on the back side of the paper bag. I realize that the papers don’t match in any way, but this was a fun card for a cheerful person. 

The typical “tape runner” worked well to adhere the envelope flaps and the liner. It didn’t work as well to seal the final envelope flap, so I used stickers and washi tape to ensure that the envelope wouldn’t pop open in the mail (forgot to photograph that).
The card was cut with a paper trimmer, folded, and decorated with glitter glue and a quote from my favorite poem, found in a magazine. Whew- that was some effort, but with neat results. I’ve already traced more envelopes from a magazine I was about to recycle, but instead tore out the funky pages with lots of photos. 

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