Saturday, May 4, 2013

Travel to Panama, Part 1

And now for something completely different! I spent three hours last weekend making greeting cards at a vendor event. The designs are fantastic, but I didn’t want to use those cards as part of this contest, since I made them all on the same day. Not that you would know from seeing them, but I had it easy since all the components, stamps, and tools were on hand for me- I didn’t really have to try hard or be creative. I will use those cards as models and make my own during the coming weeks with supplies that I have to measure and cut or already have on hand.
So I didn’t think you’d mind if I post a travel blog from time to time while I’m working on fresh new photo or multi-layered paper greeting cards. We flew to Panama for vacation two years ago, and enjoyed our time there. This will not be a comprehensive post of everything we did each day, just a general overview. I recommend for detailed trip reports from many other travelers, myself included.
We started in Panama City, and while I’m not a huge fan of city vacations, it makes sense to see a phenomenon such as the Panama Canal when you’re nearby! Plus the arriving flight landed in the evening and that was enough travel for one day. We stayed two nights at Esplendor in the financial district, and would stay there again. The first photo is one of the views from our room and includes the hotel pool area several floors lower.
I could do an entire post about the Panama Canal, but all I will say here is “GO”. The next day we flew in a TINY plane (see photo) to Isla Contadora, a short flight south of Panama City. We enjoyed out time on the island, though we missed potable tap water. The final photo is a view out the front window of the flight back to Panama City…yes, we could see right out over the pilot’s shoulder. Not for those who are uncomfortable on small planes, but it was fun for us! Where is your dream vacation destination? 

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