Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cards # 7 and # 8, paper flowers

As I’ve been taking photos of cards and envelopes I created, I realized that they are not so intricate to require multiple pictures of each one for a single blog post. So here are two variations on the theme of flowers.
I’ve surely posted more daffodil photos and references during the past year than any other flower: this is another thank-you note with a catalogue cut-out and a cheerful hand-made envelope. I planted 125 flower bulbs last fall, with the help of Mr. Spice, and have been grinning like a fool every time I come out of the house or back from work and see the blossoms! Of course, more photos have been snapped, for future cards!
I received a great deal of help with this next card, as four-footed friends can’t resist some string! I’ve been saving a map of Prague for about 20 years, and finally decided that it was ok to cut it up and use as an envelope. I have PAID in the past for new envelopes made from old maps! I’m pleased with the results, using (yet again) completely unrelated paper for the envelope liner.

I'd like to try my hand at dried flower stationery- any tips for me?

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