Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cards # 9, 10 and 11 – Paris, Panama, and paper

It may seem that I’m changing the rules of my project as I go, but my card making productivity varies with my work and travel I'm not creating one new card every 7 days as planned. I'm on target for the 52 card goal, though. Two of the cards this week include an embossed stamp on the envelope, which was nifty to make. The blue envelope has a silver embossed medallion on it, and the red vellum envelope has a diamond embossing powder medallion. I used a versa-mark ink pad to place the stamp and a hand-held heating tool to melt and raise the powder- magic!
I would return to Burlington, VT just to get more of this feather paper…can’t stop grinning when I see it. Perhaps I need to work on my photography skills so that one card and envelope can comprise an entire post, with close-ups, etc. But not yet. Next, slip with me to Paris- sunset in the garden behind Notre Dame Cathedral.
Hmmm, maybe I can write a Paris blog post with more photos and fewer cards! Finally, we return to Panama (below), where well over a dozen photos of unique fungi were taken! This was a thank-you note for an amazing post-card I received- talk about adventure (next to the mushroom card).
BTW, NLWM is short for National Letter Writing Month, which I referenced last month. Great fun receiving personal mail!

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