Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spekulatius cookies with clove

These have been my favorite holiday cookies for many years, and I was curious to see how the home-made version would turn out, compared to the consistent factory flavor I have become accustomed to. I followed the recipe, and only made one substitution of whole wheat flour (1 cup out of the 3 cups called for). I don’t have mace in my spice rack and have been attempting to not buy new spices, so I prepared the cookies with nutmeg as suggested. 
The flavor was delicious, but not the Spekulatius of my memories. I’d like to try another recipe and do better at rolling the dough out very thinly. I may invest in a shaped cookie mold rather than traditional cookie cutters (you may have seen these cookies in the shape of windmills in stores).
In some cultures, these cookies are made in December, so I used a pizza cutter this time to make squares to bring to a summer picnic. I learned that I prefer these cookies crispy, and by making a large batch instead of individual cookies, the edges were well done while the center was fully cooked by still soft (next time, I'll be sure to prepare separate, thin cookies to get the crispy effect).
Are there some cookies you prefer crunchy while others are better with less crisp? I think I like all of mine well done.

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