Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More mushrooms and photography

I still haven't figured out where my affection for mushrooms comes from, but I really like to photograph any type, and consume edible fungi!
In preparation for a multi-mushroom dish (above). Crawling around outside in search of a great fungus portrait is also fun:
Starting to think about the next garden crop, months away yet, and realized that the least photogenic cat hasn't made his blog debut yet (he usually looks grumpy on film even when he's purring in real life):
They love to nibble on grass while safely attached to a harness and leash...
And finally, I send you New Year's well wishes, in case you are not on an island right now...ok, even if you are!
Yep, snapped that one (and all blog photos) myself, thanks for respecting copyright!

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