Friday, January 25, 2013

French Onion Soup with bay leaf and thyme

In a surprise move, Mr. Spice went to the winter farmer’s market and brought home three onions. We add onions to nearly every dinner, so that was fine, but with company anticipated over the weekend, I decided to try my hand at French onion soup. I’ve had some good ones, while others have been watery and bland, so I searched on-line to learn how to caramelize the onions in a slow cooker. Thankfully, I found both recipes on the same blog!
I made half the recipe, and should have measured only half the olive oil (no adverse effects, just a touch too much oil in the soup). I didn’t realize the entire house would smell of raw and cooking onions for hours, but the results were worth it.
The flavor was lovely and I’ll definitely make the recipe again. Imagine having those onions on hand for garnish in other dishes!
The thyme stems were so well dried that the leaves fell off before a bundle could be tied, so here they are loose.
I didn’t take a final photo because I tore up slices of bread and melted the cheese by microwave instead of broiler (note to self: need larger ramekins!). Thank you for respecting photo copyrights.

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