Sunday, December 1, 2013


Despite some bumps in the road, I am grateful for many blessings. Selecting just a few photos of thousands to show gratitude was a challenge, so I clicked on a few recent pics to share, knowing that there are so many more.
Every morning for the past two years, I sip my coffee from this mug (if the dishwasher* was run!). I’m so glad to have met Asya of at Squam, and thank for the inspiration to take photos of coffee mugs!

These photos were taken outside the serene Zen Center in Cambridge, MA. What an oasis of peace in the city.
Many of us think of the last week in November as Thanksgiving for food… since I don’t have a recipe for this photo to create an entire blog about, here is a stupendous bagel sandwich. Made at Feldmans in Burlington, VT, it has bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato and probably some other things on an everything bagel (as always, no person or company is compensating me for favorable reviews).
* blessing!

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