Monday, September 8, 2014

Chicago (not off the beaten path)

I don’t think we discovered anything new, but enjoyed our experience in Chicago. If you’ve never been, I was confused about the hotel address, when compared with a nearly identical rental car address: why is the word “upper” in one of them, but they seem to be in the same place? I was absolutely amazed to see that there were not TWO streets stacked up on top of each other, but THREE! The “pretty” stuff is on the top level, and there are garages and service entrances on the lower streets. Wow! Amazing and a bit dim at night. 

We started off with a walk along Lake Shore Drive, and an evening river/lake cruise, which we enjoyed very much. An ok hamburger and turkeyburger at Chicago Burger Company (be prepared for astronomical prices) and a good but not spectacular ice cream at Fanny May’s rounded out the night.

The Art Institute was fabulous, but military spouses beware, we get no discount unless our service member is with us (um, hello, we’re not often together!). The museum café was pricey but tasty with healthy choices. A Segway tour of the lakefront was fun, and the Field Museum was amazing. Who wouldn’t be impressed with dinosaur skeletons? Or a small room with gemstones on display?

Check out the food court in the basement of Macy’s on State Street- custom salads are yummy.  All in all, Chicago was an interesting place to spend a few days. It was hazy, hot and humid in August, so if your travel schedule allows for a spring or fall visit, you may feel more comfortable then.
Do you have a favorite Chicago destination?

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