Monday, December 22, 2014

Going International!

Exciting things are brewing over here. It's taken a few weeks to finalize a big decision: we are relocating to Europe! This is what it feels like sometimes
A path dimly lit! You are fairly certain there is a path, and you hope that by trusting these small nuggets on information, you will find your way to the destination. 
This is one of my favorite quotes. I kept this newspaper page from 1991, when I studied in Vienna and enjoyed reading the International Herald Tribune every day. We're not moving to Berlin, but it still feels like a sentimental connection---plus we'll be able to visit Berlin any time we want!
We'll have plenty of outdoor cafes to sample. The basket-like chairs are typical beach seating with built- in shade, while everyone else has umbrellas (and ashtrays!). But the coffee and desserts are spectacular :). Of course, we'll have to let the snow melt before it looks like that!

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