Monday, February 16, 2015


I am filled with gratitude for the many blessings in my life, but still manage to find complaints. I’ve been working on some attitude adjustments, and want to share my thanksgivings.
this is why my cat sneezes- she loves warm air
I miss the two humidifiers in my house (which sold after 8 days on the market!!!)…I can make do in our (warm, safe) hotel room by simmering water on the cooktop so I don’t give my fur-babies static shocks.

I miss my 2 year old Prius in my former garage, which is being shipped courtesy of Uncle Sam to our new place in Germany…and I appreciate the rental car that we can afford even if it’s not a reimbursable expense. Looking forward to being reunited with my first ever new car next month, and hopefully having a garage again for the next few winters overseas.
my cat sitting on a new frame for a cat painting by 
I miss all my STUFF, but am realizing how little we really need to live. Even the 4 suitcases that we have to tide us over until the first shipment in this move (next month) aren’t essential. Business suits, more than 1 pair of shoes each, and extra toiletries (good thing, as our flight was cancelled due to another snowzilla storm) are luxuries. Thanks to military lodging for free laundry facilities.
and way more snow fell on top of this stuff!
What else have I grumped about? It’s really cold here…and my friend in South Africa has power rationing so doesn’t have air conditioning 24/7 like I do here in the summer. Our seasons are opposite, so when I skype with her now, I can see how hot the weather is there. I’m grateful for my warm winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, scarf, earmuffs, extra gloves, etc.!

I can’t believe I’m thinking this, but after years of a regular (forced) exercise routine, I actually miss my nice (pool, sauna, etc.) gym. I can feel that I’m eating less healthy foods since we moved out of our house, and I’m not spending the consistent time each week with cardio and weights as I have for a good decade. Yesterday I wrote fitness time into my calendar between now and our flight in a few days, and appreciate my limbs, heart, and lungs for doing so well by me every day.

What are you grateful for that can show up as a complaint?

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