Sunday, April 12, 2015

Off the beaten path- REALLY! In Sarreguemines, France

Where, again? After being in Germany nearly a month, I was eager to go to another country, so we drove 1.5 hours into France! Some folks from the chapel had recommended this town, known for its history of pottery-making. No, we didn’t buy any, but had a great day. This is an easy day trip from the Kaiserslautern area, and there was no passport control at the border.
 After a pleasant drive on the A6 through the countryside, we arrived in Sarreguemines and parked near the tourist information center. The staff there were at least tri-lingual, and gladly gave us maps of walking routes and museums around town, explaining everything in English.
We did not know ahead of time that the entire town shuts down from noon-2pm. Good thing we were hungry, as restaurants were still open. We looked in the window of a chocolate shop, then realized it was 12:01 (therefore the door was locked). The owner had just started walking down the street, and opened the shop for us, so we’d recommend Leonides Chocolates for the tasty chocolates and friendly service.
 We decided on the walking tour, and followed the map along shopping and residential streets. We passed an “American Diner” restaurant, that Jeff voted for, but after seeing the expression on my face, he agreed to the French place next door. I did promise that the next time we could go to the American place. I loved the Nicoise Salad, thanks for the anchovies!
Kiln for ceramics- last one standing
The walking tour continued past a lovely church, an interesting ceramics museum, and passed near the river, where we added our own mini stroll beyond the map route. We ended our visit with excellent pastries at Artisan Boulanger Patissier Froehlich.

Our afternoon wrapped up nicely into the evening at the Saarland-Therme just over the border back in Germany, which we’d also recommend. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on waterparks/spas.

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