Wednesday, September 28, 2016

No exciting travels to report!

There comes a time when the draft blog posts are all gone and there are no new travel photos to report on. Can you stand an update about regular life? I’m so happy that one of my friends recently posted a photo on FB of the unpacking process, not just the pretty pictures. Here is a photo of our moving in chaos from last year ("unpack" does not mean put away nicely" - unspoken quote from the movers):

What I’m grateful for now:

1.     It is hot, and I miss my a/c at work and at home (in the US), but I am grateful that I don’t work on an arctic explorer ship, like we saw in this museum. I’ll take the heat for now, knowing that it will be cooler soon.
2.     My new job is going well. I’m teaching one social work class and learning everything I can about administering the program for undergraduate and graduate social work students. Most of them are Americans living here (Germany), but there are students from other locations in Europe.
So happy to receive a farm share each week. We can take our chances on what we get (yes, please) or vote on preferences

3.     I can go to the American grocery store on base 7 days per week, though it feels somewhat frustrating that all the stores in this part of Germany are closed on Sundays. But really, do I need a new pair of shoes on a Sunday? No. It would be nice if we are out of town to be able to go to a grocery store in our village when we get back on a Sunday, but all the people who work in shops get the day off.
4.     I miss my friends but I’m grateful for skype and google hangouts and someone is finally coming to Europe to see us! I have also me some really nice people here, from my jobs to Chapel/Bible Study, neighbors, fellow choir singers, etc.
Boodles of carrots in the farm share, along with a spoonful of local honey and cinnamon

5.     I’m glad to stay home sometimes. As much as we love to travel and discover new places (haven’t really been anywhere twice yet except the airport!), it’s restorative to take care of things and relax. Sleeping in is nice…although, had anyone else noticed that the older we get, the earlier “sleeping in” in the morning counts? Anyway, getting all the laundry done, cooking a bunch of healthy food for the coming week, and emptying the dishwasher help me to chill on the back porch or at the pool or on the couch with the cat and a book.

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