Sunday, August 20, 2017

Leipzig and Wittenberg, Germany

From the Kaiserslautern area, it’s a 5+ hour drive to Leipzig, depending on highway rest stops for meals, gas, and traffic. There are vegetarian restaurants in Leipzig, along with plenty of traditional places, and a nice cafeteria at the top of the Kaufhof department store.
There are a variety of hotels to select from, and many pedestrian areas in old town, featuring beautiful architecture, shops, and churches. The Bach museum is small, but a treasure trove of information and music.
Bach played the organ here!!!
We elected to stay 2 nights in Leipzig, with a day trip to Wittenberg in between. Since it was only a bit over an hour drive to Wittenberg, we drove, but would encourage others to consider taking the train. Public parking in Wittenberg is not great, although we lucked out by finding an on-street spot very close to the Lutherhaus.
We spent 2 hours in the museum and attached café, learning about Luther’s work and family life. Next, we strolled through the streets to churches and parks. How nice it was to find a small meditation room, to sit in quietly for a few minutes. More lovely architecture, and shops galore. Also of note is a small history museum about life in East Germany. Felt like a step back in time to see older furniture, crowded conditions, and food rationing. Wittenberg got very quiet after 6pm on a weeknight, and we were ready to head back to Leipzig. There may well be many more evening events in the fall. We did not go to every museum in Wittenberg- if you would like to, then an overnight may be needed.
We could have stayed in Leipzig longer, and would recommend more than 2 nights if you have time to relax and enjoy the area.
The famous church where Luther's 95 Theses were posted on the door!

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