Sunday, October 1, 2017

Prague, Czech Republic (again)

New photos in this post, due to 2 day trips outside of Prague, though at least one view of old town is a repeat from last time. Please note that Prague is really hot in the summer, and no place except the hotel room had air conditioning. We are talking 97 degrees (F) and high humidity. The food was delicious, but fairly heavy, with limited healthy options, so I’d recommend a spring or fall visit if you can (in hopes that the heavy food doesn’t impact you as much during cooler weather). After two substantial Czech meals of dumplings, cabbage, duck, and beef, I had a wonderful salad at a Mexican restaurant, and we also enjoyed 2 vegetarian restaurants.
The first day trip was to Karlstejn Castle. It was worth the hour commute from Prague. If you go, wear shoes that will support the 20 minute uphill walk on uneven cobblestones and rocks. The views were terrific, and it was interesting to learn of the history and culture of the area.
The second day trip was to Kutna Hora. I would recommend that a train trip might be the best way to go, as the 6 hour tour from Prague was too short (over 1 hour drive time each way). The Cathedral of Saint Barbara (Barbora) was lovely, and the town has a silver mining museum that we did not have time to see. I did not go into the church that is decorated with human bones and skulls, but it was part of the tour.
Back in Prague, we used the efficient metro and tram system each day, after purchasing and validating a 3 day pass. The Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul was very nice, and Petrin Hill (mini Eiffel Tower) was fun but hotter than hot. Please note there is no air conditioning on the trams or the Funiculaire up the hill. Or in shops, including large department stores. Fruit shakes are made without ice. I don’t mean to sound like I am whining, this is just a head’s up if you plan to go during the summer. However, the ice cream place at the bottom of Petrin Hill is outstanding.
The Apple Museum was interesting (you know you are old - no offense-  when you say, “oh, I had that ancient mac computer in college”…or, “wow, I forgot how clunky my first laptop was during grad school- about the size of Webster’s Dictionary”). I am unsure of the connection between Apple computers and Prague, but it is worth the stop.
We flew from Frankfurt to Prague, as we've done enough long road trips to last a lifetime (Switzerland, Austria, Poland, East Germany). That is, until the next road trip!

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