Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Treetop walk in the woods (Germany)

The town of Bad Wildbad is about an hour drive from Stuttgart, and is worth a return trip for me! My favorite attraction this time was the beautiful boardwalk up into the trees, followed closely by the return walk on the forest floor.
You can either start the experience by driving up the hill and parking, or taking the tram from the town in the valley. Strolling through the woods is at no cost, but the boardwalk ramp includes an admission fee. The structure felt very safe, but you are clearly walking through thin air, many feet above the ground. The sides are high enough to seem quite safe for children, and there are optional side adventure that I did not partake of (for example a small swaying bridge on a detour from the path).
After a medium-long and pleasant uphill stroll, the round treetop structure comes into view. The spiral is large and solidly built, feeling safe and wide with high railings. The views are spectacular, and vary as you walk higher through the trees.
Only at the top did I feel ready to head back down, since the top is the outside of the spiral, but others lingered for the amazing views. For the brave at heart, there is a slide that twists down through the structure, for a 2 Euro fee. Lots of happy people shrieked their way down, but not me.
There are restaurants and snack bars near the tram stop at the top, and plenty of cafes in town. There are also thermal baths, gardens, shops, and hotels. Several other treetop walks can be found in other cities around Germany, which is a fun way to explore nature and see the area from above. Search for “baumwipfelpfad” for several locations. This is not a sponsored post- I just highly recommend it/them.


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