Saturday, October 13, 2012

Frost alert (greens, no spices)

As my spice rack challenge as neared its goal, I've been pondering what and how to cook next. I've decided to bake more, which I've always preferred over cooking actual meals! The new challenge will be to bake goodies that freeze well so I can share them with others during the upcoming holidays, instead of continuing the weight gain trend of recent months (despite the attempt to modify recipes for increased health). 
A massive harvest of greens just took place due to dropping overnight temperatures.
We had pasta and salad, but did not use any spices, just ripe tomatoes and cucumbers also from the garden.
The arugula added enough zip to the salad! Tomorrow will be swiss chard day. Not sure about spices there, because I usually prepare it with garlic and a splash of oil- maybe pine nuts, too.
Cilantro goes so well with guacamole, but I'm going to see about other interesting uses...
Am I the only person who has whispered to a tomato plant "you are my favorite?" I'll be sure to plant Sun Gold again next year, they really did taste like sunshine.
These will ripen soon in a paper bag. Do you have a favorite cookie recipe that freezes well? Any recommendations or requests will go on the "to bake" list!

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