Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cards # 27, 28 and 29 Wildlife

In an effort to send out two dozen cards to a group of people, I used the dining table and created a pile of photo cards without embellishments. They are low on creativity but high on interesting content. Two of these wildlife sightings are part of travel posts from earlier this year, though the trips span a couple of decades!

This lizard was lounging in the middle of a small river in Panama, at the birding lodge outside of El Valle. I made other cards from photos that were included in several travel blog posts here, so I won’t repeat them now.

This monkey was resting at a safari camp in Tanazia, East Africa. I was so overwhelmed with the amazing diversity of animals that I didn’t take notes of every species we saw, so I can't give any details on this one.

I debated about including a photo taken of an animal in captivity, since I have so many of free wildlife. Giraffes are my favorite in the whole world, and I included a photo of them in Africa in a previous post. The giraffe pictured here lives at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. So majestic. 

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