Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Off the Beaten Path (not really?): Prague

We tried to see some “off the beaten path” parts of Prague, but we did cover many standard tourist attractions. Prior to travelling, we asked the advice of people who have been in the Kaiserslautern area longer than us about driving vs. flying vs. taking the train. We wanted to fly but decided to drive to Prague instead. We are looking forward to our first trip with Ryanair, but it doesn’t seem that they fly from near us to Prague. Regular airline tickets were pricey, and the train took way longer than the drive. If you can get a cheap flight to Prague, the time savings is worth it, but we appreciated the flexibility to have the car on hand and not wait around for striking workers in both airlines and trains!
The friend we were meeting in Prague recommended that we stay in the “Mala Strana” neighborhood, near the Charles Bridge. One of my colleagues took a bus tour to Prague recently, and didn’t sleep well in the different neighborhoods’ cheaper hotel with thin walls. So we splurged and stayed within walking distance of St. Nicholas church, and clocked 10 miles in one day crossing the Charles Bridge to the Powder Tower, up Paris Street to the river cruise docks, and back.
Mixed plate with 2 kinds of cabbage, duck, ham, potato pancake, dumpling, and more!
The first time I was in Prague back in 1990, I didn’t have an iPhone (or any phone for that matter), and didn’t take night photos. I’ve consistently been pleased with the quality of night pictures on the iphone, so I’ve not included “standard issue” daytime Prague photos here.
Our most interesting OBP experience this time was the KGB Museum in Mala Strana, which could also be known as 101 ways to kill someone. If you are squeamish (like me), this might not be for you, but it was historically interesting (not gory, just a reality of violence).
After 10 miles, my feet were ready for a break, so we opted for a foot massage. Unlike in Stockholm, where we sat in arm chairs near large windows to the street and had people staring at us as they passed by, our massage room in Prague was upstairs on a mattress on the floor. If I’d been alone, I would have felt kind of weird, but everything turned out fine. The foot massage included hip flexor stretches at the end, which were greatly needed and helpful. If you’d rather sit in an armchair with passers-by gawking at you, there are plenty of those places available in Prague as well.

The food was great and we enjoyed a river cruise at sunset. Do you have a favorite recommendation in Prague?

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