Friday, June 12, 2015

Top 10 meals in Germany so far

We've had plenty of good meals, and regular home-cooked dinners as are the outstanding "write home about" choices. You're invited anytime! 

1.  Schnitzel with fries and side salad at Waldgarten in Ramstein-Miesenbach
 2.     Lasagna at Pizzeria Milano in Kaiserslautersn (thanks to Jeff’s co-worker)
fields 3 blocks from our house; horses near the tree line
 3.     Fish with mushroom sauce and fried potato slices at Nordsee in Kaiserslautern (thanks, DB)
 4.     Salmon with veggies at Pizzeria Gabriella in Landstuhl (thanks, TT)
 5.              Smoked fish, asparagus soup at Hotel/Landgasthaus Pfeifertal in Eulenbis (next town over)
 6.     BBQ at Flying Pig on Ramstein AFB (taste of home even though I’m not from a BBQ state)
 7.             Pot luck meals at South Chapel on Ramstein during Lent and Bible Study
 8.     Salad with grilled shrimp at Saarland Therme
 9.     Another stupendous salad with grilled shrimp (ok, I am seeing a theme here!) at Nikos in Trier
 10.    Bread! It's beyond excellent here, no matter what style you like. We've been trying for a long time to eat less bread, but it's too good to pass up here- plus you need a sandwich every once in a while*. The first photo is American wheat bread, which we bought because German grocery stores are closed on Sundays, doing us no good when we come home from a weekend trip late on a Sunday. The second photo is "regular" German grocery store bread, pre-sliced and bagged. White bread and seedless bread is available but we don't tend to buy it. Many grocery stores sell fresh loaves, and of course the bakeries do too. The fresh loaves are usually too much for us. The last photo is clever marketing by a Germany grocery store: give out samples of freshly baked bread (with a smear of butter and store brand jam), sell the bread in smaller sizes, and inform customers that it can be frozen. Good thing, because we already had 2 loaves, and now we'll be all set the next time we go out of town an return on a Sunday! Can you see the steam at the bottom of the bag? I'll let you know if the freezer promise does not work out.

* also honey. It's not my fault that numerous people suggested that eating local honey helps minimize allergies! Local honey is super!

Too bad I couldn’t include France and Czech Republic meals in this post…maybe after 10 meals in nearby countries, I’ll summarize them.

Where and what was your best out-of-the USA meal?

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