Friday, June 19, 2015

Observations by the cats about life in our corner of Germany

We have beautiful church bells that ring in our town every morning at 6:30am. We used to think they were an alarm clock when we got here, so we would ask for breakfast then. Now the real alarm clock goes off way before 6:30 so we’ve already eaten by the time the church bells ring, and  we are settling down for our morning naps.
We think this is where the bells are ringing from
There is a nice small balcony that we are allowed to go out on, and we stay safe without jumping down. The balcony door lets cooler air into the upstairs, since many if not most German homes don’t have air conditioning. We already miss our Framingham a/c.
Why are people so excited about Polish pottery? If you want some, let us know, we have connections.
Our yard is nice, except there is no fence to let us roam free- we have to have a person at the other end of our leashes. We look out on a big cherry tree, and the neighbors 2 houses down have more cherry trees, so apparently there is cherry pie in the future. One neighbor’s dog likes to play in the meadow behind the house and say hi to us by barking loudly (but the dog only barks when he sees us). There are also 3 quiet chickens in a fenced-in yard across the meadow and lots of chirpy birds all over.
During our 2 stays in temporary quarters, Ida shared her cat bed with us (didn't before, and hasn't since!)
We have people offering left and right to cat-sit for us. So far, we have been fine with a 2-night weekend away with extra food and water, but eventually we’ll need help with the litter box when we’re alone for more than 2 nights. It looks like a high-school student from the Chapel will take care of us the first time, but we’ve got neighbors lined up down the street ready to worship….er, feed us.
In Temporary Quarters, we'd get scared and hide under the bedspread, but we don't do that anymore.
So far, we are sticking with our favorite American cat food and litter, but we do like German treats and some kinds of canned cat food. We are relieved that our favorite dry food and wet food is for sale at the Air Force base. We also think that the tap water in our town tastes delicious, along with the grass in the yard.
WHY didn't she share this seafood bisque with us? WHY?
Most German houses have exterior roll-down slatted shutters. When we first arrived at the end of March, the shutters were rolled down in the evening when it got dark out and we needed inside lights to be turned on. Now, it stays light out so late that the shades upstairs get rolled down so that it’s dark enough inside to go to sleep!

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