Saturday, July 18, 2015

Top 10 things I miss about the US when I’m living in Europe

10. Freshly-ground peanut butter from Whole Foods (don’t think it’s a good idea to ship it…may try to make some myself- any recipe tips?)
9. Central air conditioning…although some rooms in the US seemed “too cold” with a/c. Most gyms over here don't have a/c?!?!?!?
8. Stores have longer hours in the US, which is convenient for customers.
7. Lobstah! Rolls, salad, whole, etc.
6. Songs from “80’s on 8” (satellite radio)
5. Wider streets and massive parking spaces
4. Shipping that is promised to arrive in 7-10 days and actually does
3. My hair stylist, dentist, massage therapist, primary care physician, chiropracter and optometrist (although I’ve found good folks over here)
2. My church and music peeps (again, am meeting nice people here)

1. Friends and family- always connected by e-mail, FB, skype, etc.

What do you miss most about home when you are traveling?

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