Sunday, March 13, 2016

December Life in Germany with Flat Stanley

During the month of December, Flat Stanley learned about some traditions in Germany. A garden shop sold plants, wreaths, and trees, but first, Stanley had to put a coin in a special box on the shopping cart! When you put things in your car, you return the carriage to the store so you can get your coin back! 

Some of the wreaths had candles attached to them.

Flat Stanley went to church and watched the children’s pageant. 

Many towns in Germany and other European countries have special markets during the month of December. You can buy carved wood signs and toys, hand-made soap, hats, and plenty of food! 
Stanley had a potato pancake and later on he had a waffle. A nice lady was walking through the market in a town called Trier, and she said hi to Flat Stanley! She said her grandson likes Flat Stanley!

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