Friday, March 4, 2016

Off the beaten path in Germany: Triberg, Black Forest

We headed to the alleged cuckoo clock capital, just under three hours from the Kaiserslautern area. Triberg boasts the Guiness Book of World Records’ largest cuckoo clock, which is worth the 2 Euro tour. On the entry level, you see the bottom of the swinging pendulum, which starts up on the 3rd level. On the 2nd level, you have an amazing view of carved wood cogs, which keep time accurately.

There are literally thousands of cuckoo clocks to check out in local stores, one of which will shortly reside in Jeff’s office. The other attraction in Triberg is Germany’s longest waterfall. The path up the hill is well maintained, though in colder weather the upper part of the trail is not passable for safety reasons.

The scenery is beautiful, and not as snowy as higher elevations, where we drove through on the way out. We can’t recommend a café, because the one where we enjoyed (drum roll, please…..) cocoa and cake, has such slow service that other customers left after waiting 10 minutes for their order to be taken by the only waitress on duty- no fault of hers, but poor management!

Jeff had a vegetable pita sandwich at the döner stand near the waterfall, which was outstanding- I hadn’t realized how many veggies they had on hand for their pizzas, and they added feta cheese and sauce.

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