Sunday, October 30, 2016

Salzburg, Austria: not at all off the beaten path

Well, the only thing off the beaten path that we did was stay at a hotel in the suburb of Wals, that had a nice view into fields and mountains. 100% of everything else was standard issue- but we’d really recommend it!
Because we were making a week long vacation out of this trip to Austria, we drove to Salzburg, and then on to Vienna. Others have taken the train from the Kaiserslautern area to Salzburg, and there are also flights, but the 6 hour drive was not too bad. We tried the famous “Nockerl” dessert, which was light and fluffy, yet rich at the same time (eggs, vanilla, probably cream, etc.).
We walked through both parts of Salzburg, on either side of the river. Had the best hot chocolate ever (though pricey!), at a café near the Dom cathedral. The Christmas Museum started with a nice display of Advent Calendars! There were street musicians everywhere, and they were quite talented.
Thanks to a beautiful, sunny day, we relaxed in the gardens of the Mirabell Palace for a few minutes. We also took the cable car up to the fortress for stunning views and a history lesson on the area in the museum. We ended the day listening to an amazing concert in the cathedral, with three choirs, orchestra, and organ playing a coronation mass and a Te Deum.

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