Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vienna, Austria: not at all off the beaten path

We drove from Salzburg to Vienna through glorious scenery and a bit of fog. Vienna is the kind of place where you are walking around after dinner and pass by a church with organ music coming out of the doors! We gazed at over done décor inside, while the thundering organ pipes washed the  music over us and up through the floor. Our first café after the concert had the very best apricot cheesecake with crumbles on top, but the cocoa was too sweet. #firstworldproblems
 We enjoyed the art museum, the “Kunsthistorischesmuseum”, though the paintings were not my favorite. There was an interesting coin collection, from the smallest chip of metal centuries ago to current commemorative coins and even a credit card! There were also amazing “household” wares on display, such as jewel encrusted cups and plates, and intricately carved metal clocks from days of old. That night another concert took place (well, there were dozens of concerts every night in Vienna!) at the Charles church, “Karlskirche”. An octet of strings played the top 10 of classical music, including Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Vivaldi.
On our last day, we took a tram ride to the Belvedere Palace, where several Klimt paintings are housed, including “The Kiss”. Stay tuned for another post with photos of amazing European ceilings! We finally found a nice vegetarian restaurant with a spectacular buffet- even if you are not vegetarian, we recommend “Yamm” near Schottenring (Votivkirche Park). 
There was another wrap/bowl place in the 1st district where everything was vegetarian and you could add your protein of choice, but the atmosphere was very casual with loud rock music (!). After another long stroll in the rain, Jeff asked to go to Café Central, which is famous. The lemon tart was exquisite, and the piano player was on an American kick, such as “Moon River”. 
I'm pleased with the quality of photos taken with the iphone, and no longer lug around the huge "regular" camera.

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