Sunday, January 5, 2014

Card #33 (fabric)

I’m back on the greeting card challenge, ready to try some new ideas. Those of you who cut cloth regularly know that ordinary scissors can’t get the job done well, but I just made that discovery. I thought it would be clever to cut cloth shapes for greeting cards, but may stick to cutting paper instead! Good thing I had “snips” on hand from a previously jewelry making class... it took way more effort to create heart shapes than I had anticipated. The white one is made of paper.
I also learned that adhering cloth to paper cards may result in warped paper if the card stock isn’t very thick, even using a minimal amount of glue. For the next card, I will try a layer of cloth-decorated cardstock (slightly warped) adhered to a plain card with traditional tape runner. OR I can figure out if there are other adhesives to use with cloth on paper…

I’ve been preparing post cards for the fun of it, in anticipation of next April’s National Letter Writing Month. I’m not counting the postcards towards this 52 week challenge, but here’s a sneak peek of the pile of altered cards I’ve been grinning over:

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