Sunday, January 19, 2014

Road Trip

Instead of a speedy flight with hefty airfares to visit family last summer, we drove nearly half-way across the country. The weather was mostly cooperative, with nice views like this:
At one rest stop in upstate NY, a dairy farm was clearly discernable for those of us whose noses knew that fragrance. A child from another car said, “ewww, Mom, that smells so gross!”. Well, if you want milk, butter and ice cream from cows that’s what comes along with the air near them!
We stopped briefly at Niagara Falls, but didn’t spend enough time in the area to warrant an entire post (second time there for each of us, so we didn’t go to every section). Very majestic, and highly recommended.
And here we are, watching freshly made donuts rolling by…yummy! We also had excellent pastries at a grocery store in Ohio, and would frankly recommend grocery stores as an excellent alternative to restaurants at rest stops. There are always decent restrooms in grocery stores, and more often than not, healthier food choices, such as salad bars, small(er) and cheaper sandwiches, soups, etc.

Do you have any road trip advice? I got a bag of magazines from the library so I could read a few pages while Mr. Spice drove, and at staggering savings from the purchase price of all of the magazines!

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