Sunday, February 23, 2014

Card # 48- silver doily

The bottom half of a package of scrapbooking pages was damaged in last year’s basement flood, and being the thrifty New Englander that I am, I decided that I could turn the top halves of the pages into greeting cards. I trimmed the raised edges and measured the remaining paper to fit some extra envelopes on hand. 
I’ve been coached regarding the merits of doilies in crafts by Nicole of Lavender Nest and thought of her immediately upon seeing a package of silver doilies in the sale bin at a craft supply store. Note to self: DON’T attempt to separate doilies over a brand new (pristine) table cloth! Duh… the factory DID NOT remove all the itsy bitsy pieces of paper from the design. 
The first one I separated from the pile and cut in half turned out to be FOUR doilies! Good thing my trusty furry assistant was on hand to supervise closely as I arduously separated them, thus creating hundreds of tiny pieces of shiny paper (onto the new table cloth).
All in all, I’m pleased with my foray into doily-land. I made a bunch of identical cards, but will only count this one towards the contest. Four to go!
What is your favorite crafty use for doilies?

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  1. Loved, loved, loved the doily card. And yes, the separating of paper doilies is a messy one ;)