Sunday, March 2, 2014

Best Soup, Pie, Appetizer, and more!

Happy second anniversary to this blog! Last month, many of the blogs I follow posted summaries of 2013. I tried a variety of new things here at Through the Spice Rack last year, from crafts to travel to cooking, so I decided to not create a "best of" list of posts during  2013. Here are some photos that haven't been shared yet for your enjoyment.
Now that I'm organizing my trusty three-ring-binder with print-outs of ideas and past posts (does anyone else still use binders?), I realized that I do have favorites in categories of cooking over the last two years. 
At first I thought I would "grade" each recipe, as there were a few I do not plan on preparing again...but this is a better way to highlight the most delicious, in my humble opinion! 
While I could create entire posts of sunset photos or cats being silly, I don't plan to do so soon. I also hadn't planned on a post about holiday decorations, as I'm not very good at scenic seasonal arrangements, but I do love these military stockings from the Army Medical Museum at Ft. Sam Houston (can't remember where the cat stockings are from).

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  1. Love your best of list...I just might have to try some of them. Thanks for sharing!