Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cranberry sauce

Does your family have a “conversation” every year about serving cranberry sauce from a can and keeping the shape of the can intact? We’ve had two types of canned cranberry sauce available: the jelly type and one with whole cranberries. I have tried a bunch of different home-made recipes, and we’ve settled on this one as a favorite. 

The mandarin oranges, apples, almonds, and cinnamon add unique textures and flavors that are a hit with the non-can-shaped folk. I found it difficult to photograph the “during” step- it doesn’t look that exciting in the pot. 

Just imagine the sound of cranberries popping gently as they simmer, and the fragrance of three types of fruit melding. After cooling, it still looks rather pink, but tastes great!
The only change to the recipe I made was using three packets of sugar substitute that I have on hand for my morning coffee, instead of the larger quantity of sweetener for baking called for. Do you have a recipe for home-made cranberry sauce?

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