Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When life hands you egg shells

One of my goals is to be more optimistic. I used to be (and maybe still am to a lesser extent) a "hope springs eternal" kind of person. Then life and stress got in the way!
I don't have any photos of lemons or lemonade, but I have plenty of other cooking adventure pictures, such as these egg shells from making stuffed eggs. I realize that sometimes things have to change or "break" for something else good to emerge. 
I can't have cake, or custard, or an omlette without scrambling up a bunch of eggs! Call me weird, but I really like how the yolks contrast with the bowl...kinda cheerful.
Note to self: take time out of the daily routine to relax for a minute, take a walk, swing like a little kid. Be grateful for the many blessings in my life, and stop whining about the difficulties.
Plan B: get some unconditional love from a pet! She is leaning into my hand for some neck-scratching while sitting on my scrapbook.
Do you cook to relieve stress? Favorite recipe?
Thanks for respecting copyright on all photos.

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