Sunday, March 9, 2014

Boston & cards # 49, 50

Last year, I posted about a perfect day in Boston, but there are many other parts of town to recommend. First and foremost is Fenway Park, and I am proud to say that I’ve been a fan of the Boston Red Sox since 1988 (way before they WON). Be prepared to have dollar bills- well, fives, tens, and twenties- flying out of your wallet at  vendors in and around the park, but it’s a fun experience!
The Charles River is a great spot to bicycle, rollerblade, jog, or walk. This is a view of Boston from the Cambridge side of the river. Parking is tight, but you can take the T to Lechmere and walk where this photo was taken, or along the Esplanade on the Boston side, which can be reached from the MGH stop, Arlington, Copley, and others if you don’t mind a longer walk.
A harbor tour is fun, though the food on board may not be stellar. I’ve taken Duck tours in other cities but not Boston, and enjoy seeing the view from the water. Boston is a walkable city, though cold during winter months, filled with interesting museums, restaurants, and entertainment choices.

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