Sunday, May 18, 2014

Arizona, Part I (Sedona area)

Upon starting a new job, I calculated the accrual time for vacation, and booked airline tickets for the day after I had 40 hours saved up! We flew to Phoenix, Arizona and hopped into the rental car, goggling at the temperature gauge, which showed over 100 degrees in the afternoon heat. Of course, that number comes as no surprise to locals, but what a pleasant change it was from chilly New England!
We drove to Sedona, enjoying a slice of pie along the way at Rock Springs Café. The cooler air smelled so fresh along the road north, and the amazing rock formations captured our attention as the sun began to set. We walked and hiked for a couple of days before heading up to the Grand Canyon (stay tuned for the next post).
We enjoyed the arts and handicrafts scene, both in Sedona and in the Jerome/Prescott areas. We’d also recommend the Montezuma National Monument at Camp Verde, along with Fort Verde State Park.

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