Monday, May 12, 2014

Stockholm, Part II

We received conflicting advice about a day trip to Uppsala. Some folks said sure, take a look around, see some countryside. Others felt it to be just another university town with no significant features of interest. Of course, the tourist guidebooks raved about what a fantastic destination it is! We decided to go for it, and agreed that it was well worth the train ride. We enjoy cathedrals, and this one is spectacular.
Lunch at the cafĂ© next to the Cathedral in Uppsala was excellent- I had to stop myself from photographing every meal we had in Sweden! We also enjoyed a harbor tour in Stockholm, with scenic views, such as this one of “Skansen” Park.
A side alley gives a sense of the hills and architecture of Stockholm. We had cocoa and cake in a basement bakery, and were amazed at the number of souvenirs packed into tiny shops in old town. We’d recommend Stockholm and environs, and look forward to seeing more of the country on a future trip.

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