Sunday, May 25, 2014

Arizona (Part II)

After a few days in Sedona, we drove via scenic roads to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. The majestic beauty was awe-inspiring. I’ve been in the mountains where you start by looking up and can climb towards the tops of the mountains, but it’s very different to start at the top and gaze downwards past centuries of erosion.
We didn’t stay right at the canyon, but would like to do so during a future trip. We learned about the history of the canyon, and watched the sunset turn the sky and the rocks glorious colors.
As our vacation drew to a close, we returned to Phoenix and cement-laden civilization. I’ll never forget the pine-scented air in northern Arizona. Mr. Spice spotted a scrapbooking store and pulled into the parking lot without a word! I think he just wanted to check his e-mail while I was in the store, but it netted some fun papers and stickers. Since that trip, I’ve begun traveling with a small cardboard tube for the possible purchase of scrapbooking papers!
Who knew a pizza restaurant in Phoenix would have a phenomenal organ? We laughed and sang along to tunes of all varieties, from movie themes to classics! A fun ending to a wonderful trip.

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