Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cooking and nature videos- your opinion, please!

I’ve taken so many classes this spring that I can’t remember which one suggested that blog viewers like videos. I had taken a 42 second video of cranberries popping while making this recipe, but thought I might be kind of nuts to do so. If you viewed the original post, would you like to view and hear this video? 
The local (seasonal) swans nearby are curious about people, though I never bring any bread for them. They eat plants in the pond, but this video does not include any cute swan antics, just peace and birdsong. Is 50 seconds too long or slightly boring?
 It never occurred to me to record a waterfall…I must be a luddite. I’ve always loved hanging out in nature, and was annoyed when Mr. Spice stood around for a long time fiddling with camera settings. He was trying to figure out how to record the waterfall on his DSLR, so I said “well, the iphones can do that!”
In a future travel post, would you like to see a panoramic video of the location? Is 46 seconds too long, too short, or just right for a nature scene like this? More cooking videos? Thanks for any feedback!

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