Monday, June 16, 2014

Off the Beaten Path: Hamburg, Germany

Some of my previous travel posts have barely scratched the surface of the location, and I’d like to start sharing more in-depth photos and tips. May tourists travel to Bavaria, and though I don’t have anything against Octoberfest, and really like Neuschwanstein (the famous castle), here is a city that is in a great location, depending on what you are looking for. 
If you love organ music, or any classical arts (ballet, opera, museums), Hamburg is a phenomenal place. This is the first photo I’ve ever hesitated over putting the blog name on! You can also climb some church spires for wonderful views, but the photos are marred by bars/fencing over the openings.
I especially enjoy dining outdoors in Europe, and am amazed at where café tables are fit in…how about on a bridge over a canal? If you’ve never tried Apfelshorle before, it’s very flavorful apple juice pre-mixed with a delicate carbonation. It may sound weird, but it tastes wonderful. My favorite remains Bitter Lemon (preferably by Schweppes); too bad I can only consume so many of those each day, as the versions sold in the US are not the same.
Hamburg restaurants and harbor-side snack bars serve excellent seafood, though I couldn’t get a nice photo of my mini-shrimp sandwich, called “Krabben-salat”. The mayonnaise yielded a gloppy look, but I always have one wherever I can, even at the airport! Instead, here is a photo of a walking path along a brook, with evidence of the ubiquitous bicycle riders in Europe.
Finally, many residents love their gardens. I’ve never seen a market before with bins of bulbs! You decide how many of which variety, buying them individually or at a discount for 10 of the same. Hamburg has great public transportation, urban activities, and suburban room to breathe. 

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