Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cards # 22 and 23– Australia Part 1

I had planned on creating some non travel cards, but my craft table is temporarily out of commission due to a flood in the basement. I'll go ahead with this Australia post and hope that our new floor gets put in soon so I can get to all of my supplies. Thankfully, nothing valuable was destroyed, in terms of crafting items! 
Our vacation began and ended in Sidney, with our first stay in the Cooggee Beach area to relax during the jet lag adjustment period. At the conclusion of our adventures, we stayed in the Potts Point neighborhood. We strolled around the city, and took a tour of the Opera House. This vacation took place before I started feeling comfortable photographing my plated food in restaurants, so I don’t have any shots of the fabulous meals we stuffed ourselves with in all three locations of the trip.
I’d recommend the hop-on-hop-off tours, including out to the beaches outside of Sydney. Another fun experience was the ferry over to the zoo, where I petted giraffes! You'd think this large bird would be confined to the zoo, but that was not the case- there were plenty of them in the botanic gardens, along with basketball-sized flying fox bats (NOT pictured here). I’ll never forget seeing the bats fly out over the harbor at sunset. 
We spent a couple of nights in Melbourne, where we went to a spa, the amazing aquarium (jellyfish), and the Queen Victoria Market – don’t miss out on the pet name tags custom engraved for pets as a souvenir. I didn’t know that the fruit we bought at the market would have to be surrendered when we arrived in Tasmania the next day, to prevent any pests or other contaminants from reaching the island. Stay tuned...

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