Saturday, June 29, 2013

Card # 24– Australia Part 2

Does anyone else LOVE researching vacation destinations? Whee- it’s half the fun to anticipate the trip and check out options. I’m so glad we stayed on Bruny Island, south of Tasmania. It was a treat to stay at Inala and take guided tours during the daytime and evening hours. We took a couple of photos of penguins ascending the sand dunes at night, but didn’t want to blind them with flash photography…thus, no penguin pictures to share here. We used red filters over the flashlights so the focusing was difficult, plus they were in motion, so a blurry red blob wouldn’t mean much to you- but it was so cool to see them heading home from the water.
We learned so much more about the animals and everything else about that corner of the world than if we had tried to figure things out on our own. These three photos were taken on Bruny Island, and we would very much like to return. It was our first (accidental) birding experience, and we’d highly recommend it.
The material behind this picture/card and two from the previous post was not purchased in Australia. It was a souvenir from my husband's deployment, which is when we met in Australia. 
Check out these nifty mushrooms, REALLY! We also discovered boronia flowers, and had a wonderful evening of start gazing with a telescope.
P.S. We only visited a few locations on this amazing continent, due to our limited vacation time. We very much hope to see more regions on future visits!

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