Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cards # 15, 16 and 17 – orange and pink

In order to send a bunch of thank-you notes, I finally organized all the photos that I had sorted a few years ago, but now with an eye towards making cards. I have a neat stack of photos ready to go, and was able to locate several sets for upcoming combination travel and photo card posts!
It’s not tomato season yet - these beauties are from last year. The sunshine dappling the picture of the card reminds me of what they tasted like. I'm still so pleased with the vellum envelopes and bracketed cards. The small cards (below) are really not an ideal size for doing interesting things with mixed media items.
I have many amaryllis photos, but didn’t want to create a bunch of nearly identical cards for a post, so here’s one from our first apartment together 15 years ago. This boxwood plant is especially healthy, and seemed to be a nice contrasting frame around the paler photo!
While in Florida a couple of years ago, we took lots of photos of interesting wildlife, and this one didn’t make it into the scrapbook for some reason. I’m glad I kept it, as the ripples in the water and the cheerful feather colors are interesting. More animals to come in future travel posts.

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