Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cards # 18 and 19 – African Safari Part 1

Yes, that is a pile of lions snoozing on a hill of rocks! Clever how they blend in nicely, eh? I visited a friend serving in the Peace Corps in East Africa over a decade ago, before I had a digital camera. I did get a snazzy zoom lens, though! This once in a lifetime experience was amazing, and I’ll never forget it. I’m fortunate to have travelled with a savvy group of women who had gathered advice from other PCV’s and knew which safari tour guide to negotiate a good price with in Tanzania.
I received two types of cloth that I placed under the cards. One was from a friend who grew up in Zimbabwe, another was sold in Uganda and has a proverb in Swahili on it (next post). A group of gazelles munched contentedly as we passed by in the vehicle, which paused regularly to let us “ooh” and “aah”.
I flew into Kenya, took a bus to the safari out of Arusha, then took another bus to Uganda after the safari. The only good thing to come of our basement flood last month was that I found a few extra safari photos that had been tucked somewhere away from the regular box of extra prints, so I had enough for two posts from this trip without having to rip anything out of the scrapbook. My favorite non-wildlife photo is this sunset:

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